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No matter whether leather, fabric or wood. Every material needs occasional care. If used correctly, you will enjoy your piece of furniture for a long time. You can find suitable care tips on this page. 


Just like your skin, your sofa also needs regular cleaning and care. It is precisely the invisible factors that are the main cause of premature aging of your sofa. Protect your upholstered furniture! For care, do not use shoe polish, solvent-based cleaning agents, chemicals, alcohol-based impregnations, etc. For leather care, we recommend commercially available brands, e.g. LCK (see at www.leu-moebelpfl, which give you precise care instructions for your sofa.

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Like all textiles used every day, furniture upholstery fabrics also require regular care. Correct care and cleaning will make your upholstered furniture shine for a long time and help you enjoy it for a long time. Of course, you can treat heavy dirt with upholstery fabric cleaner or water-soluble or foam-based cleaner. For stubborn stains, please follow our cleaning instructions. Generally treat furniture over the entire surface (from seam to seam) and from the outside to the inside. Do not put weight on it when wet (cover could stretch). So let the cleaned upholstered furniture dry completely before using!

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With a table made of real wood, an absolutely natural product moves into your living room. Wood is alive! No wonder it reacts to environmental influences and needs some care. Proper wood care doesn’t require much effort. Nevertheless, it extends the already long lifespan of your new salon table. Just follow the tips and tricks below, so your wooden table will look great even after many years. It has always looked well-groomed for years and skillfully attracts attention.

Proper care of a wooden table does not require any special knowledge or a lot of time. You can find the right care products in specialist shops. So nothing stands in the way of long-term use.

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