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Discover the complete wood collection from Leu Swiss here. 


Wood is a natural product that can have color nuances and growth-related irregularities. Differences in structure and color between parts of a piece of furniture or compared to other pieces of furniture made of the same material are possible, intentional and remain reserved, as long as these are in the nature of the materials used and are customary in the trade. Oiled and stained surfaces can look uneven. Wood can change volume, which can cause warping, misfitting and cracking.

Declaration of origin

Link  to the wood database from the Federal Office for Consumer Affairs BFK.

Certificate Registration:
License Code:              
Issued by:                    

Issue Number 3.0
Soil Assiciatotion Certifiation Limited
Spear House, 51 Victoria Street
Bristol, BS16AD, United kingdom

fsc-grafik-werbefeld-gruen C012371.png

Thanks to the two-layer oiling, the surface is permanently and consistently protected. Our oil is based on 100% natural ingredients. The oiled surface does not absorb liquids or foods such as water, wine, salad dressing, milk, mayonnaise or ketchup.

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