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Discover the leather cover collection from Leu Swiss here. You can also benefit from our high-quality promotional leathers in selected colors.

However, the color samples shown here serve only as a guide; we reserve the right to color deviations due to the diversity of the material and the individual color settings of the monitors. Decorative, felled or double seams can vary depending on the model. Due to the manufacturing process, seams can be omitted or replaced by simple seams.



A leather of a special class that delivers more than it promises. Concise, thick but still soft are the core features of this leather. With a material thickness of 1.8 - 2.2 mm, it is also one of the heavyweights without being ostentatious. Selected European cowhides with high-quality fatty substances ensure a soft feel. Thanks to ecological mineral tanning, the finest raw leather is created.
In the barrel, dyed in an environmentally friendly way with first-class dyes, you can choose your cover piece from 6 colors and give your furniture a personal touch.



The thick cowhide nappa leather from the Highlight range is available in seven trendy colors. In terms of class, this leather is from category 68. Thanks to generous storage at a special price, this leather is a hit. We process fine leather from selected European raw materials into a top product. Thanks  With its leather thickness of 1.4 - 1.6mm, the highlight is very robust but very soft  under control. The distinctive mill grain gives every piece of furniture a strong look.  Due to its strong embossing, the highlight has few natural features and has a particularly uniform structure and color. The leather is particularly easy to care for and lightfast - ideal for everyday use.



Chicago, the extremely durable cowhide nappa leather with a wide range of colors. The best hides are tanned only from selected European raw materials.



The Reno cowhide is a nappa leather with medium leather thickness for every area. Enriched with high-quality fatty substances in the skin, Reno leather offers a soft touch and always feels good. Selected colors offer something for every taste.



Granada leather is a lightly sanded cowhide with surface refinement. Selected European cowhides are dyed according to ecological principles with warm, natural colors.



Rustic, natural European cowhide leather, lightly nubucked with a soft wax feel.

Nubuck stonewashed


The buffalo leather nubuck stonewashed   is a natural grain leather with a nubuck dome effect. High-quality fatty substances ensure a soft feel, first-class dyes dyed in the barrel ensure color legality and lightfastness.



Montana cowhide is a semi-aniline leather for the premium range with an inimitable feel and distinctive fulled grain look. This leather clings to your piece of furniture like a second skin and makes every touch an incomparable experience.   



Columbia cowhide is our entry-level leather. With a leather thickness of 0.9 - 1.1mm, it is considered a light leather with ecological mineral tanning.  The  Fine embossed structure gives the leather a simple elegance. 

"Please note, leather is a natural product. Leather may contain features. 

The drawings of the skin texture, variations in grain, scars, insect bites and other natural features are a predicate for the authenticity of the material and are part of the leather product. They underline the authentic origin and inimitable beauty of Leu leather.
Each piece is slightly different, individual in surface structure and color shading."

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